Not your every day one-stop shop.
vertical traction offers strategic plans that take your EXISTING business plan into consideration when creating a PRAGMATIC internet marketing strategy. What's more? We offer the skills to execute our plan as a whole or in partial - depending on your in-house capabilities.


We are not going to tell you we are your - cliche - one-stop shop, brand strategists, positioning experts or NASA programmers. And we don't have the resources for a full-scale assault on the leading tooth paste brand. But we can analyze your market and your competitors and create a solid plan for defending your turf.


Social Media

vertical traction recently implemented a social media network similar to Facebook. From conception of the idea that a Social Network was appropriate to the intro of the first blog entry, vertical traction was there.

Email Marketing

If you don't know by know, what a challenge... vertical traction recently increased response rates by 700 percent. That's right. 700! Even minor tweaks to an email will dramatically improve your results.