vertical traction is an interactive consultancy.

Since 2000, vertical traction has helped companies realize their interactive potential. Based in Houston, Texas, vertical traction is a one-man show so I'll stop speaking as if I am a conglomerate. Since 1994, I've been an interactive consultant. The role wasn't always called interactive consultant but, in one capacity or another, I've helped start-ups up to Fortune 100 companies realize their online potential and their vertical traction. If you'd like to know more about me, I have references and plenty to say about interactive marketing.

vertical traction offers strategic plans that take your EXISTING business plan into consideration when creating a PRAGMATIC internet marketing strategy. What's more? We offer the skills to execute our plan as a whole or in partial - depending on your in-house capabilities. If we build a strategic plan and you can economically manage it, we'll build that into the plan. We won't build a cost prohibitive plan that is impossible to implement.



Join me online. I look forward to connecting with you.